Shannon Sciametta

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Family Support

Pow Wow Session

Shannon is here to support you through your emotional journey. It can become overwhelming when big behaviors and diagnoses are present in our children. Outside of traditional therapeutic interventions, Shannon can provide a 30 minute “pow wow session”, to assist with getting back to the present and focusing on ourselves as whole. How do we take care of ourselves when taking care of our children, let’s gain back our control with a little self-care and provide the space we need for ourselves to be the best we can for our children.

30 min Pow Wow Session $40.00

Therapeutic intervention telehealth

Now offering therapeutic intervention tele-health for children ages 7-15. For children who struggle with ASD, ADHD, anxiety, social emotional skills, etc. 

Comprehensive Package

  • 4 weeks
  • 2 mini pow wow sessions each week with parents
  • complete overview of supplements and holistic interventions with unlimited emails about the supplements
  • plus therapeutic intervention for their child once a week for 45 minutes.